GITCO LTD Gujarat Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation Ltd.

A Multidisciplinary Consultancy Organization


Techno-Economic Feasibility Study and Financial Restructuring

Techno-Economic Feasibility Study

Project Appraisal Services has been the core activity of GITCO since 1978. Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Study provides an appraisal of technological parameters of projects and its impact on the financial viability of projects. A TEV study is a risk mitigation exercise undertaken by banks and financial institutions prior to decision taken by a bank or financial institutions on its lending decisions for projects.

This includes critical assessment of the Promoters, Product, Market, Technical and Financial parameters related with the concerned project. A critical evaluation of these parameters is essential for a meaningful TEV study. GITCO, with the right skill sets to deliver, assists banks and financial institutions for decision making process related with the approval of Term Loan and Working Capital Loan. GITCO is empanelled in most of the Nationalized and Scheduled Banks.

Financial Restructuring

Companies and economies at times are hit with a downturn which causes financial stress on businesses. Businesses are faced by issues such as being over-leveraged, having cash pressure or liquidity shortfall or an actual or potential breach of debt covenant due to regulatory changes or macro-economic environment. It often becomes difficult for companies to honor its financial commitments to lenders and requires restructuring of its finances.

GITCO also provides its services for financial restructuring exercise particularly for BIFR and GBIFR cases, Due Diligence studies, LIE (Lenders Independent Engineer) reports and diagnostic studies.

GITCO deliver these services by its highly experienced professional team consists of Engineers, CAs, MBAs. GITCO deploy domain experts to execute each assignment. GITCO has strong credentials of working in different industries with a team of dedicated professionals.

Industries and Services sector we have served and the products we have covered

Industry/ Sector Product/ Project
Ceramic Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Vitrified Tiles(GVT, D.C.) and Slab Tiles, Gypsum Board and Sanitary wares, etc.
Mineral Granite, Micro minerals, Feldspar Power, etc.
Textile Ginning to Garments across value chain of textile products and Technical textile projects.
Chemical Dye and intermediate Industry, Fertilizers, Organic and inorganic Chemical, Specialty Chemical, Agrochemicals and Pesticide etc.
Environment E-waste, CETP.
Ceramic Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Vitrified Tiles(GVT, D.C.) and Slab Tiles, Gypsum Board and Sanitary wares, etc.
Pharma Formulation, API , Bulk drug, IV fluid etc.
Agro and Food Processing Dairy Products, Fruit Juice, Corn Flakes, Cold Storage, Potato Powder, Poultry, Sugar Mills, Spice and Seeds Processing.
Engineering Basic Metals, Heavy Machineries, Machinery Parts, etc.
Renewable Solar Energy, Bio energy.
Infrastructure and Real estate 3/5 Star Hotels, Residential Township, Industrial Estate and Township, Commercial Complex and Shopping Malls.
Construction Material Cements, AAC blocks.
Entertainment Amusement Park.
Education School and Collages.
Hospital and Healthcare Multi Specialty Hospital, Neurological Rehabilitation Centre.
Miscellaneous Plastic Industries, Paper and Packing Industries, etc.

Industrial Market Surveys

It takes astute market analysis and marketing strategy to thrive in today’s highly competitive business landscape. GITCO assesses market size potential and identifies growth opportunities that exist for specific Industrial Sector. GITCO conduct Market survey for Industrial Product and Status Studies for specific Industrial Sector. These studies are based on the requirement of the client. GITCO has a team of experienced data collector across Gujarat.

Bid Management Services

GITCO LTD has an experience of more than 2 decades in the field of Bid Management Process and has successfully executed assignments for various Department/Corporation/Board of Government of Gujarat. Bid Management Process involves preparing the concept document as per requirement of project, incorporating the concept in tender document, handling pre-bid meeting, carrying out technical evaluation as per the tender criteria, price bid analysis, negotiation and finalization of agreement. The whole process of procurement of Services/Goods through tendering process for various Department/Corporation/Board is carried out as per the Purchase Policy and various guidelines issued by Government of Gujarat from time to time.

To list few clients of Government of Gujarat as under:

1. Director of Agriculture

Empanelment of Manufacturers of Farm Equipment/Tractors/Power Tillers/Combine Harvester/Submersible Pump/Oil Engine with Pump/Tarpaulin/Fertilizer/Pesticides.

2. Director of Horticulture

Empanelment of Manufacturers of Green House/Mulch.

3. Commissioner of Fisheries

Empanelment of Manufacturers/Authorised Sole Distributors of Fishery input/equipment.

4. Development Support Agency of Gujarat (D-SAG)

5. Gujarat Samras Chhatralya Society

6. Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited

Bid Management Process for the major events/festivals such Navratri Festival, Kite Festival, Rann Utsav, Tarnetar, Beach Festival etc.

7. Gujarat State Watershed Management Agency

8. Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation (GAIC)

9. Directorate of Economics and Statistics

Environment Management- Audit, Impact and Testing

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory is accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for testing & calibration laboratories) for major environmental parameters (Certificate No. T-2375) since 2014.

GITCO laboratory monitors environmental quality to ensure compliance with prescribed environmental standards. We perform number of physicochemical analysis to assess water, wastewater, air, soil and sludge quality.

We are well equipped with all the necessary equipments for the collection, preservation, sampling and testing of all the necessary parameters on site as well as off-site.

GITCO has expertise to perform Sampling and testing which are as below:

Water which includes Ground water, Raw water, Surface water, Drinking water and any other sources of water.

Effluent/Wastewater Industrial and Domestic.

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring which includes the monitoring at sites while industry also involves some Work Place Monitoring (Form 37).

Collection and analysis of source emissions from flue gas, process gas and other fugitive emissions which are also analyzed by us.

Sludge Sampling and Testing.

Soil Sampling and Testing.

Noise Monitoring.

Illumination Level Measurement.

Soil Sampling and Testing.

Consultancy Related To Environment Management

Project Related to Product and Process

Project report preparation.

Pollution Potential Evaluation.

Change in product mix.

Cleaner production assignments.

Project Related to Water and Waste water

Water Balance Audit Services.

Water Balance Audit Services.

Treatability studies.

Design & modification of the Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)/ Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP)/Sewage Treatment Plants (STP).

Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals of treatment plants.

ETP/ STP operation.

ETP/ STP troubleshooting & re-setup.

Zero Discharge Schemes.

Water reuse & recycle options.

Project Related to Air Pollution Control Measures

Design & Modification of air pollution control equipment.

Fuel Change Studies.

Solid waste management.

Project Related to Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Development of Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Environment Audit (Sch-I & II Industries).

EMS evaluations and adequacy certification.

Special Studies for Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Carrying Capacity of Region.

Study for preparation of guideline for sector specific industries.

Third Party Inspection of EMS.

Geo-Hydrology study.

Evaluation of Soil and Ground water contamination.

Carrying Capacity of RegionSource emission dispersion modeling for the prediction and assessment of post project ambient air quality scenarios by air dispersion modeling using ISCST -3 / Aermod Model.

Plotting of Wind roses from meteorological data.

Project Related to Laboratory

Analysis of raw-water and waste-water samples for various parameters such as

Analysis of solid waste samples and soil samples.

Collection and analysis of source emissions from flue gas stacks and process vents.

Monitoring and analysis of ambient air quality.

Noise level monitoring.

Illumination Level Measurement.


Our laboratory is accredited by NABL for major environmental parameters (Certificate No. T-2375).

We are GPCB recognized Schedule I Environmental Auditors under the Environmental Audit Scheme of Hon' High Court".

In Panel of MoEF as Technical Institute for Technical Appraisal and monitoring of Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) Proposal/DPR.

Special Studies for various Government Schemes / Initiatives

Services under the Scheme of DDU GKY

The Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) announced the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) Antyodaya Diwas, on 25th September 2014.

DDU-GKY is a part of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), under which GITCO has been entrusted as Appraisal Agency to appraise the proposal of Interested Project Implementing Agency (i.e. Training Agency) and also to monitor the project implementation in the State of Gujarat.

GITCO as Appraisal Agency under the Scheme

GITCO has been selected as Appraisal Agency for evaluating Organization Strength, Infrastructure and Financial Strength, Quality Assurance and Placement criteria of the Applicant via transparent online procedure.

TSA (Technical Support Agency)

GITCO has been selected as Technical Support Agency for continuously assessing the performance of the Project Implement Agency; GITCO’s role is ensuring that PIA follows sound management practice in compliance with policy guidelines and the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of the DDU-GKY, Scheme.

GITCO’s Deliverables are:

MIS (Management Information System).

Training Centre Inspections.

Financial Audit.

Assessment and Certification.

Services to TCGL under various Schemes and Projects

GITCO has conceptualized, evolved and operationalize the system named Tourist Flow Information System for Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited. (TCGL) which is in operation for the last 15 years.

GITCO carries out Feedback Surveys and Tourism Surveys to facilitate the Government of Gujarat in improving tourism development in the state. Special Studies such as Area Development studies, Area Development Plans, Tourism Destination Development, and Tourism Amenities Surveys are also being carried out by GITCO in Tourism Sector.

Third Party Inspection and Project Monitoring Services

GITCO provides Project Monitoring Consultancy (PMC) and Third Party Inspection Services for projects related with Events, Exhibitions, Fairs and Civil Structures. As Projects of TPI and PMC requires to be completed within short span of time GITCO has developed a team with different capabilities to facilitate timely and efficient completion of project.

Such Services includes conceptualizing of ideas for events, its various activities, assisting the client in identifying the venue, various utilities, Evolving specifications of various works and estimating various required quantities, preparing bid, handling complete Bid Management process, Monitoring execution of agencies involved and its estimation, MIS Preparation and Bill verification.

Key project under execution and undertaken

Services to facilitate for projects related with Events, Exhibitions, Fairs and Civil Structures such as Ran Utsav, International Kite Festival, Vibrant Navratri, Beach Festival, Monsoon Festival.

Services to Gujarat State Infrastructure Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited (GUJSAIL) for Projects such as Airport Beautification work, Airshows, Airport Maintenance, Airport Bhoomipoojan (Inauguration).

Services to Sardar Sarovar Nigam Limited.

Services to Pavitra Yarta Dham.

Industrial Cluster Development

GITCO in its endeavor to support MSME units of Gujarat provides Cluster Development Support to MSME clusters of the State. We undertake activities such as identifying of industrial cluster, carry out Diagnostic Study, identifying soft and hard interventions required in the cluster, preparing implementation plan and submit application to get financial assistance from the State and Central Government under MSME Cluster Development Scheme. We also provide support to the cluster for implementation of hard and soft interventions identified.

So far GITCO was successful in implementing Common Facility Centers in Ahmedabad Foundry and Engineering Cluster and Rajkot Engineering Cluster. At present, GITCO is providing support to Ahmedabad Foundry and Engineering Cluster in developing Industrial Park exclusively for foundry and engineering units. It is located near Bavla on Ahmedabad- Rajkot highway.

Valuation of Assets, Stock Audit and Cost Analysis

Valuation Services is one of the core services that GITCO provides. Since 1986 GITCO provides Valuation Services of fixed assets (Land, Building Plant and Machineries) and Stock Audits of Industrial Projects /Commercial Establishments. GITCO provides professional, ethical and high quality consultancy in its Valuation Services. So far GITCO has carried out individual Valuation Assignment of Assets with approximate value of Rs. 800 Crores.

GITCO is working with Banks and government bodies such as Official Liquidator, Gujarat State Fertilizer and Chemicals Limited (GSFC), Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Limited (GIIC), Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd (GMDC), Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), etc and with other Private Firm/Companies. GITCO is also empanelled with State Bank of India for providing Valuation Services.

GITCO has handled Valuation Assignments in various Sectors such as Steel Plants, Composite Textile Mills, Ceramic Units, Paper Mills, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries, Oil Mills and many more.

We enjoy tremendous confidence from our clients in the valuation consultancy that we provide and have provided professional valuation over numerous assignments. Our valuation clientele include Banks and Financial Institutions as well as Government Departments and Public Sector Undertakings.

Key Project under execution and undertaken:

Valuation Assignment/ Product Client
Sona Alloys Private Limited, Satara, Maharashtra State Bank of India, Ahmedabad
Roselabs Bioscience Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad State Bank of India, Ahmedabad
Patel Mills Limited, Ahmedabad Official Liquidator
Minal Oil and Agro Industries Pvt Ltd Official Liquidator
Valuation of Assets of GMDC at Panandhro, Kutch Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation
Excelsior Steel Industries, Bhavnagar Gujarat State Financial Corporation
D.R. Industries, Ankleshwer Gujarat State Financial Corporation
Lalan pulp and paper mills Pvt Ltd Banaskantha Gujarat State Financial Corporation
Alpine Ceramics Industries Ltd, Ankleshwar Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation
Chemstar Organics (I) Ltd. Vadodara Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation
Gujarat Poly-Avx Electronics Ltd, Gandhinagar Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation

Identification of New Business / Project opportunities

GITCO provides its consultancy services for identification of new business or project opportunities relevant in specific time period, considering the requirement of the client. Such services also being offered to the Institutes associated with activity of Industrial and Business Promotion of the State.

Technology Transfer and Energy Efficiency Initiatives

GITCO is working hand in hand with TERI (The Energy Research Institute), New Delhi for implementation OF Energy Efficient Technologies in Gujarat. We had implemented four demonstration units of energy efficient Divided Blast Cupola developed by TERI in Ahmedabad Foundry Cluster, and now it has been adopted by several other units amongst the cluster.

GITCO along with TERI (The Energy Research Institute), New Delhi has joined hands with IGES (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies), Kansai Research Center, Japan to implement various Energy Efficient Technology in MSME and co-operative sector units of Gujarat. Under the programme, GITCO is expected to identify the technology requirement of unit/cluster and matching the same with the available Japanese Technology. The project also involves activities from implementing demonstration unit in the industry, creating awareness about its successful implementation, sharing of data and adoption of such energy efficient technology at wider scale in the State.

At present, the heat pump technology of Japan has been demonstrated in Dairy Industry and Investment Casting Industry of Gujarat (JITMAP).